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Phantom and our company to brought for life was driven by a sense of life. High speed boating on Lake Balaton by an uncompromising premium quality boat.


When technology and luxury meets

Our goal is to use future technology to provide our customers with an unforgettable and high-quality boating experience with our purely electric premium boats.


Years ago, we had a vision to experience high-speed and high-quality boating should be possible in an environmental friendly way in places like Lake Balaton, where it was not possible with high-performance boats so far.

After lengthy development and design, we brought the Phantom to life in spring 2021, equipped with eKraft’s electric propulsion system which can provide an exclusive experience on the water.

Sunset through the Phantom boat windshield
premium materials in the Phantom boat

Hungarian manufactory

We do not compromise on quality, so all Phantom boats are made with special care, individually and by hand by our professionals with more than 20 years of experience. Therefore our boats are available only in limited volume.


Norbert Rózsavölgyi

Managing Director

+36 30 900 9898

László Bukor

Strategic Director

+36 30 982 0429

Company info

WaterFront Balaton Kft.

H-1064 Budapest, Podmaniczky u. 69 fsz. 2

info@waterfrontbalaton.hu+36 30 900 9898

Our marina

Füredi Marina

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